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 6 janvier

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MessageSujet: 6 janvier   6 janvier Icon_minitimeMer 11 Aoû - 13:25

Oh, Boy! What a crazy 24 hrs it's been. I have had two rehearsals, dealt with lawyers, done graphic art work on the cd “come2me,” fought bitterly with a friend (we actually quite enjoyed it), hosted sleepover, washed the pots, done singing lesson, looped Battlestar, done a promo, delivered cd to the production facility. Hopefully it will be ready by next week if there are no more glitches. Specifically, I met with my backing vocals captain, Miss Sharlotte Gibson. She is PHENOMENAL! I have asked her to sing a song of her own at some point because they're so damn good. I think my fans will really dig her. She and I get on like a house on fire. It's weird though. Someone screwed up. It's like, at birth, we were transplanted into each other's body. I wonder if it's too late to swap?

And I ironed out some ugly kinks (keeping only the nice ones) in two songs with Michael Orland, whom I met on Duets. He's also a fixture on the American Idol scene and a wonderful man.

I told you I was hitting the gym because I had only six weeks to turn from frump to fabulous. Instead, I went to New Zealand and turned into a fricking donut! Usually I go home a broken shell of a woman and this time was no exception, only now I didn't have the will power to resist all those great kiwi sweets, custard tarts, chocolate and biscuits (cookies) that I have loved since I was a child. Naturally the relaxation spread to my waist. Now the excitement of getting the Roxy show together is burning it off again, though I wish I had time to go to yoga. My two yoga teachers are coming. I'm crazy about them.

You know what I'm really into right now? There is an artist whose work I have been trying to buy for the past year. Her name is Amy Bird and even though she is a starving artist, she has been unable
to sell them because she has been building a collection to sell in a gallery. Finally the day has come and today her exhibition opens at Milo Gallery, 6130 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. I am psyched to finally get a chance to hang one on my wall. I love the migrant worker ones. And I think she was doing some forest scenes, too. It's very modern, but accessible. Check it out if you can.

Love, love love,


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6 janvier Xx11

6 janvier Signon10

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6 janvier
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