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 8 Janvier

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MessageSujet: 8 Janvier   8 Janvier Icon_minitimeMer 11 Aoû - 13:25

Good evening, Young Ones.
Today I had to postpone BV's (backing vocals) meeting with Miss Sharlotte. Instead I went to my brilliant ENT doctor to get a handle on this virus that's set up shop in my head. He hosed out my sinuses with a little vacuum cleaner. Gruesome! Then he dug for gold in my ears. I stopped yelling at people to "SPEAK UP!!!" after that. And he shot me full of B12 and anti-histamine. I am going straight to bed after writing this blog.

I ate a matzo ball as big as my head for lunch and silverbeet (swiss chard) for tea. This is the first day in many moons that I have gone without a soy latte. I am bugging to get back to them. But the show must come first, right? Right.

Once I got home, I realised that I had totally forgotten my commitment to co-host Rita Gonzales’ show on IMRU. Fortunately I got there on time and despite being a bit groggy I had a really good time. They were talking about how "the Anglican Primate of Nigeria is spearheading the anti-gay marriage movement within the Anglican/Episcopalian Church.” I thought it jolly unwise to cast a primate in that role in the first place -- after all, it's hard to take an ape in a cape seriously! Or is it just me?

There are many things I wish I had said and a few things that I wish I hadn't, like: "I knew I had made it when I saw myself in claymation getting Calista Flockhart stuck up my bottom on Celebrity Deathmatch." But it's true, so what's a girl to do? Lie?

Yes, I think the drugs are kicking in again and I am floating off into Lu-La land.
Goodnight, Darlings,


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8 Janvier Xx11

8 Janvier Signon10

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8 Janvier
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