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 13 janvier

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MessageSujet: 13 janvier   13 janvier Icon_minitimeMer 11 Aoû - 13:50

Wow! I had a fascinating week. For some reason, NBC-Uni (Sci-fi Channel), wanted me to be part of a panel on “How has sci-fi impacted technology and vice-versa?”

The panel included Neal Stephenson (writer of The Diamond Age and other novels), Walt Mossberg (Techno-guru for The Wall Street Journal) and Dean Kamen, scientist and inventor of diverse "gizmos," (to use his word) such as bionic arms for Iraq vets, heart stents, portable dialysis machines, the Segway, all-terrain wheelchairs that go up stairs and about 436 other patented inventions.

Neal said he was glad I was there so that the panel didn't look like Mount Rushmore, but they couldn't have been more fascinating. I got to know Neal, who is a huge BSG fan, and Dean, who is not, over dinner. Walt was not yet in town.

Dean has sent machines that run off cowshit to Bangladesh to power villages and that distill 1000 liters of water per day, to produce potable H2O out of any goop available. Now you know I have a soft spot for Bangladesh, having visited there a few years ago with World Vision. I have seen firsthand the horrifying effects of arsenic-tainted water that rises up every year with the monsoons. It causes ghastly birth defects, children with double-yolker eyes (sorry, but that's what it looks like!), or legs like a chimp. The fact that this technology is available and yet not attainable is a bloody crime.

Dean and his colleagues are not interested in bureaucracy and excuses. They tend to make things happen and let protocol-bound organisations drag their arses to the table when they can no longer ignore the demands of the people.

He has got me signed up for F.I.R.S.T, his initiative to get more kids involved in engineering and science. It's kind of like the robot olympics and any kids or school can participate and be mentored by experts. It's a golden opportunity to blow a kid's boundaries sky-high. F.I.R.S.T. is very interested in getting more minorities and girls involved. I guess careers in these fields are not presented as being exciting or important. Of course, a starring role on Girls Gone Wild is guaranteed to land you your own reality show! When you meet someone like Dean, you realise that science and invention are the most important tools we have for saving our planet. You can't help loving this guy when you meet him.

Now I am in a whirlwind of Roxy show prep. How to throw you guys a great party?

I've spent my whole life running from country music (despite the fact that Cowboys are my Weakness). I always thought it was too easy, too hokey, too . . . white.

Well, I finally fessed up that I am a white girl and the fact that it seems easy to me is a sign that that is what suits me. Anyway, you've got a heapin' helpin' of Cowgirl Action.

So! I have ordered a new set of Chaps from a special workshop in Utah, where I spent Xmas. Remember Kat Crimins, my MC last year in that red gown that was open to the navel? She was a very handsome debutante! This year I intend to get her in long gloves and something Jessica Rabbit.

As for you, my friend, CLOTHING IS OPTIONAL!! As long as it is Western wear or evening gowns.

You KNOW I am not kidding around here. This is going to be a crazy costume party.

Come prepared!

Love to love ya, Babies!



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13 janvier
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