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 3 Janvier

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Hey, there!
I am officially back on the job. I am going crazy putting things in place for the Roxy show. I have friends coming from my Xena life, Battlestar buddies and from Broadway who are all shameless exhibitionists and whom I will have to taser to get 'em off the stage. Hell, there's only room for one shameless exhibitionist at
this show.

I am reallly thrilled that my old friend, comedian Tig Notaro, is coming in from New York to do a set. She has fecently been on Comedy Central (sometimes you just gotta leave the typos in ). Anyway, she is one of my all-time favorite standup comics and I am so happy that she can come. She's really good looking too.

I have an MC for the evening. Her name is Cat Crimins and I'm trying to bully her into high heels, but she's resistant. I told her she'll look hot, but she only wants to be a cop. So we went shopping at the Pleasure Chest in LA and found a really nasty outfit with a badge that says "Breast Inspector" or something.

She also MC'd our buddy Aleida's funeral and she made that a riot so I forced her to help me with this project. I'm not sure why she agreed as there's nothing but humiliation in it for her. And that's a promise. Seriously, Cat, you're my hero.

Today I went to see Alek Adorian, who made a good number of my frocks for Duets. He is making me a kick-ass costume, which is going to make all those leather freaks out there very happy. So all you people who got hot and bothered about the leather trousers from “Total Eclipse” with Bonnie Tyler can stop asking. You're covered.

Ummm, what else? I'm spinning my wheels somewhat because I can't meet with the musicians till next week. That's the trouble when you have musicians of this caliber -- they work non-stop. But since I need to “feel” each song as it comes together with their talent, I don't know which songs to lose, which songs to keep or take in some other direction. I called Rickey Minor in a panic yesterday saying, "make me feel good about this, Rickey!" He replied, "Lucy, if it were anymore under contol, I'd think it was a set-up." I don't know what that means except that Rob Leifer, who is musical director on this, is totally on top of things and I should chill the hell out. Rob Leifer is also a guitarist of some note and just did a show on VH1 or MTV and he's playing for me!!! My God, how did I get this lucky?
Rock On!


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3 Janvier
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