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 15 novembre

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SD: What did part did Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials play in your discussion with the Battlestar producers?

Lucy: At first I was attracted to the role of D'Anna Biers, because she examines some major philisophical questions about the afterlife, re-incarnation, the nature of God, within and without. These are also central to His Dark Materials. I bought this trilogy up with David Eick in particular, because it's just so darn heretical in parts and it forces you to examine your own beliefs in much the same way as BSG does. Of course you can get away with these musings in fantasy and Sci-fi, but we geeks know there is a whole lot of truth hidden in a good joke.

SD: How did they film the pan around the table, without cuts, where duplicate and triplicate D'Annas, Cavils, etc. are sitting?

Lucy: Smoke and mirrors. This scene took three quarters of the day. You try to plan the shape of your three characters' interactions and plot them according to the motion of the camera. So when the camera hits a certain point, D'Anna1 will shoot D'Anna2 a conspiratorial look and the other will shy away from the look in a different take. So when they knit it all together, it looks as if I am having a conversation with myself. Sometimes I create little scenes like that to keep myself busy during long scenes when I have nothing else to do. I got used to huge plays of triple character action when we did Xena and that was before the new computer editing, so you really had to perform some major, sustained mental gymnastics. I love it.

SD: Six's love of Baltar was the impetus for her to commit the first Cylon on Cylon violence in their history. What does that say about love?

Lucy: Love sux?

SD: Cylons talk a lot about god. Whose god? What god?

Lucy: Now isn't that the question?!


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