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 9 octobre

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Xenaline ♥
Princess of the war
Princess of the war
Xenaline ♥

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MessageSujet: 9 octobre   9 octobre Icon_minitimeMer 11 Aoû - 16:03

Thank you all for jumping in boots'n'all. You are an inspiration to me! Perhaps we should take the “Lucy Lawless” out of FEEL THE LOVE DAY, since we really want to open the idea up to people who are not fans, right? Hard to believe, but there are a number of them on the planet.

I am off to a Sign On promotion today. Putting pressure on our government reps to come clean on Carbon Emissions policies. Climate Change is The No. 1 issue facing the human race. PLEASE SIGN ON TO A CLIMATE CHANGE GROUP IN YOUR AREA!!

We can contribute in ways big and small. It's good to ask, what's in my sphere of influence? If you were a child, then being a good son/ daughter/pet-owner and student is probably enough. Maybe not littering is where a child's responsibilty ends.

Even for adults Climate Change discussions can be pretty tough. But, conversely, every single change we make in the direction of sustainability is totally life-affirming.

How about the concept of a “soul tree”? In the next year, I am going to plant a native tree for every person in my family, including nieces and nephews. They will grow without much help as long as the drainage and light is okay. They bring the native birds and my beehives have already produced our first batch of honey, which we put in all our old jam and pickle jars. I love hearing the Tuis and dream of one day having Kereru or NZ Woodpigeon drunkenly crashing about the garden, high on Nikau berries.

You don't even need to go to a plant nursery. Wherever in the world you live, you can pick up seeds from plants along the side of the road. They are free and plentiful and you can see which ones thrive in your neighbourhood. Just note the kind of aspect they are growing in and try to replicate that. If they grow really big, don't plant them under telephone wires! There's no reason we can’t plant sensible things even on small patches of ground, is there? And fruit right off the tree is wildly nutritious.

We've instituted quite a few changes in our home of late, trying to get our lifestyle more in line with the environment's needs. Showers are down to 5 minutes or as brief as possible. We now buy cellulose trashbags (even dog-pooh bags!) that biodegrade but are tough enough to do the trick in the short-term. Buying locally grown foodstuffs. Low-wattage lightbulbs, turning on the heating as little as possible, opening windows instead of fans, planting an organic garden is next, plus chickens. It is really, really fun!

Random thoughts of what I would want to do to get more out of my time on Earth.

If I am young:
1. Have lots of fun!
2. Be a good son/daughter/friend/student.
3. Maybe ask “do I really need a new one of those, or does my old one still do the job?”
4. Maybe plant something on the grass verge/in backyard.
5. Don't Litter!

If I am over 25:
1. Wake up! I am now a grown up and I will never feel anymore grownup than I do right now. Enjoy the fact that I have free thought and can question authority and belief systems and test them against my own gut feeling of right and wrong. I can change my mind as I grow.
2. Enjoy the good things in life, the things that cannot be bought.
3. Enjoy my child's free thought. The free child is invariably good and social.
4. Question anything/anyone that diminishes my health & freedom or that of others. In their environment, being happy is an act of rebellion.
5. Question what tells me that without their product or belief system I am “less-than.” In their world, being emotionally/practically self-sufficient is a sacrilege.
6. Get close to nature. It will sustain me
7. Laugh a lot.

I want to add "Pick up your dog-crap!" but that would be wrong tonally. Except it is bizarre to use regular plastic bags to do it. Our landfills will have two-hundred-year-old perfectly preserved snack-sized dog turds.

What will our descendants think of us?
Anyway . . . like I said, random thoughts.

Yours Truly,
Lucy Lu


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miss tagada
Lucyole experimentée
Lucyole experimentée
miss tagada

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MessageSujet: Re: 9 octobre   9 octobre Icon_minitimeMer 11 Aoû - 19:42

Merci Smile
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9 octobre
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