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 18 septembre

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Okay, I feel totally sick. The other night, I left out some people vital to my Duets evolution.
Judah Miller is the awesome guy who hand-picked off the rack some of my most show-stopping frocks. He has an unerring sense of taste and ought to be gay, except that he's marrying my best friend in three weeks. Maybe he is, what do I know?
Rickey Minor is the musical director who guides the direction of the show and has charted the course of my larnin'. Can't help lovin' dat guy!
Dorian Holley, the set-side vocal coach, is trying to get me to open my darn mouth and troubleshoots all our performances. Thanks, D!
Travis Payne is our choreographer and a huge part of my confidence.
Michael Orland, the best friend a singer could have, plays the piano in one key whilst reading the music in another key altogether. Such a genius and the guy Eric Vetro called the wittiest man on the planet.
And of course Sharon Delaney, without whom the fans would have no access to me. It is she that pokes, prods, cajoles and bullies me to break away from the little dirt track of my mind onto the superhighway of information to service my fans in some way. It's not that I wouldn't want to. I just don't have the skill set to contribute appropriately. Without her guidance, expertise and generosity of spirit, Lucy would be as remote as a Dwarf-star, formerly known as Xena. One of the most important jobs she is doing this month, in addition to her real job, is shepherding our precious guests into hard-won seats. We have some friends going through some pretty harsh medical treatments who need not to be standing in long lines. Some of them were turned away the first week due to over-crowding despite having tickets. The show was gate-crashed by industry insiders. My poor little housekeeper had bought a new dress and everything, so excited was she. Sharon has made sure these very special friends get the consideration they deserve and I thank her for it.

I am meeting my next artist tomorrow. One of the proposed songs has been canned. Drat. Would have been a tear-jerker. Evidently it can never be sung because the person who made it famous died and the artist cannot bear for it to be sung by anyone else. My recipe for happiness is to never spend one second moping for something I can't have. No wonder I am so unsentimental. (Yet wonderfully flexible!)
Love always,
aka. Stellllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaa!


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18 septembre
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