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 22 août

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Princess of the war
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Hi All!

The Duets prep is coming along. We are all having a great time. There was a heap of press the other day for myriad outlets, even CNN, which i was particularly excited about. I guess it's part of the I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me phenomenon. Indeed the other day, when I got another pleasant surprise on the show, I had to ask myself whether I had had a stroke. Was I simply imagining the whole scenario? It's all beyond my wildest dreams.

Today I did something with Access Hollywood. They followed me to a voice lesson at Eric's and recorded twenty minutes of unusable banter, like . . .

"La-la-la-la . . ."
"Now, go up the scale, holding your tongue and gesture with your free hand."
"How's this gesture, Bud?"
"Ooooh, what a lovely gesture! Ev'ry inch a lady."
"Well, enough about you, Eric . . ."

etc, etc, etc..

I have found out my two singing partners for the two-hour opening night and which songs we will sing. I am so excited, I can't tell ya! More tomorrow.



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22 août Xx11

22 août Signon10

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22 août
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