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 13 août -- Converation Lucy et Sharon

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13 août -- Converation Lucy et Sharon Empty
MessageSujet: 13 août -- Converation Lucy et Sharon   13 août -- Converation Lucy et Sharon Icon_minitimeMer 11 Aoû - 13:05

Lucy’s yelling at me.

I’m not yelling I just forbid you to ever write “Here she be” on our
website. “you sound like an old Pirate!”

What’s wrong with old pirates? A recent old pirate made 300 illion bucks!

Buccaneers? What the hell does that have to do with anything? You can’t sound like a fool, foo’!

You’re besmirching my fine Irish pirate heritage!

Besmirch? Is that even a word?

It’s a fine word used by old farts who say “here ye be.” See, I got it on the page. Ha ha ha

Damn you, Red Baron!

With my trusty sidekick Snoopy who will now fill us in on the latest hot news. You’re up Snoopy.

I told you not to call me ‘Snoopy’ in public.

What’s the latest on Duets, Snoop?

Well, I did two interviews this week. One for Associated Press and one for TV Guide. I guess they go out the week of the show. And, yeah, I’m doing it! I must confess to some hair-raising anxiety dreams in the night. That ol’ “Oh, my God, what have I done?” nightmare.

6/22/06 --
Hi Gang,

I just did the voice of an animated cartoon for Paramount, called Dragonlance. Obviously it's a fantasy story, with gods and monsters – (no lesbian subtext). I never felt I nailed animated performance before, so wanted to get a handle on it.

I played a character called "Goldmoon,” a Native American. We played around with accents awhile. I didn't know she was Native A till I got there and so didn't have time to research the accent (not many of those where I come from). More staccato! More comanding! More warm! Less disjointed! . . . Ummm, do you just want me to do Xena? Ahh, yes! That's it, do Xena! The voice is perfect! So warm, so commanding, so . . . yeah, yeah, let's get on with it.

It was actually really fun. At last I have done something my kids can actually watch. My son is gratified that I am not playing a bad guy. He can't stand me going to BSG every day to be mean to humans.

Oh well
, it's a living!


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13 août -- Converation Lucy et Sharon Xx11

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13 août -- Converation Lucy et Sharon
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