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 14 juillet

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Xenaline ♥
Princess of the war
Princess of the war
Xenaline ♥

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MessageSujet: 14 juillet   14 juillet Icon_minitimeSam 18 Sep - 14:45

I am hearing whispers that our Government in NZ is proceeding with plans to open up our best preserved forest (schedule4 land) to mining despite heavy public opposition.

I want to ask, Who do you work for, the people of New Zealand or the overseas mining companies? It is bizarre and I hope not true.

I thought this government was responsive to the will of the people but now I'm not so sure.

Dear NZ Government,

Don't forget to keep your money-grubbing hands off our Schedule Four Land. What's under our first-class forest is dirty, low-grade coal.

Our wealth is in our soil, our waterways, flora and fauna. This is our brand and our heritage and you have no business degrading it.

What has the world come to when we must protect the habitat of our national icon, the Kiwi, from our own government?!

We all remember a time when we took pride in our spirit of enterprise and ingenuity. In contrast, you seem to be resisting the need to evolve.

The people of New Zealand want you to lay the first steps to a clean and sustainable future, not a filthy, degraded one. The knowhow is out there. What are you going to do about it?

Dirty coal is a thing of the past and so is the thinking that goes with it.

What else have you got?

Best to you,
Lucy Lawless


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14 juillet Xx11

14 juillet Signon10

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miss tagada
Lucyole experimentée
Lucyole experimentée
miss tagada

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MessageSujet: Re: 14 juillet   14 juillet Icon_minitimeSam 18 Sep - 15:46

Merci !
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14 juillet
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