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 27 juin

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MessageSujet: 27 juin   Mer 11 Aoû - 14:37

Hi guys!
I am beavering away on Sparty and collecting signatures for the “Sign-On” campaign for a 40% carbon emmissions reduction by the year 2020. It's a big target but that's what scientists are saying is needed.

Global climate change is a reality and certainly not all manmade but our behaviour and careless consumption is adding fuel to a fire. Why would we not want to slow it's progress?

I've collected a couple of dozen signatures today and had a conversation with a colleague who absolutely believes the whole thing is a myth and that we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off on account of An Inconvenient Truth. I was very interested to talk with him because I realized that if he believes carbon levels are less than 20 years ago and that the whole thing is media hype, then loads of people do.

He's going to bring in some data to back it up. I'd like to see it. I'd like him to be right so I can turn my mind to something frivolous --like being a popstar or a gymnast. That's much more fun than reading data about no summer ice-cap in the Arctic in 10 years.

To whit, Greenpeace invited me to go do a look-see of the Peterman Glacier off the coast of Greenland where climate change is causing tropical waters to stream far north exacerbating glacier melt. Unfortunately, I can't get enough time off work do it. I am absolutely gutted. I'm sure they will find someone great but I wish it was me.


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27 juin
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