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 22 juin

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MessageSujet: 22 juin   Mer 11 Aoû - 13:59

Hi Gang!
I am back from the fiery North. I have finally wrapped on the Adam Sandler/Disney Xmas movie, Bedtime Stories. I spent the last week in a fatsuit, playing a troll in 105 degree weather. It was 90 degrees in the shade and 200 degrees in my pants! I'd love to show you pictures, but I'm afraid I'd be knee-capped by the publicity department.

I met some awesome people. Guy Pearce is truly a doll. He is genuine and gracious, a bit kooky. Russell Brand, also gracious, kooky genius. Keri Russell and Teresa Palmer are Broads! -- the highest of compliments. Debbie Carrington, my drinking buddy, is an awesome actress. She played “Tammy” on the Seinfeld episode about "heightening" – which, incidentally, is purely a figment of Larry David's imagination. The crew were wonderful, like crews everywhere. I will be forever grateful to the Adams, Sandler and Shankman for the experience.

I was on Russell Brand's radio show this week on BBC2, where we generally behaved badly and used language and themes that would make my family in NZ cringe. Tant pis!

I now have about three seconds to get ready for my show up Universal CityWalk next week. Fortunately, I am doing it with Michael Orland, my American Idol, and the gang from the Roxy so we all have a great history. It'll be a little more rock'n'roll than the Roxy show. To whit, I've finally done it! I decided to go dark for summer. Will officially unveil the new look next Saturday at the show.



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22 juin
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