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 21 mai

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London was a wicked show! Again, first rate musicians (Thank you, Joe) and venue, (Thanks, Gary and Adam for that.) I always have to come home and put my head under a rock for a few days afterwards. I think I found my new groove this time. Or did I say that last time? I felt I sang so much better the second night, but when I look at some of the performances Sharon filmed, I must admit that the first night had a wild kind of energy that is pretty appealing.

I have been asked to do a set up at Universal City Walk on June 29 and I figure that's a chance to give you guys a free show. So come on along if you are in town. It'll be great to see you.

Not sure what the set will be. I'd like to crank it up to something like London, though I may have to tone it down in terms of the ass-less chaps. Quit groaning! It's a family show. Still the chaps, just with pants on.

I want to thank all the new English fans who came out for the show and, in particular, my crazy American friends who jumped the pond. There was some pressure on me to back out of the London show because of filming commitments (the uncertainty of which made us decide not to go ahead with the high cost of filming it), but I knew some people who had committed their hard earned $$ to barely refundable airfares/ hotel, etc. The show must go on. In the end, it was a wonderful experience and I loved being part of it. So, thank YOU!

Dancing With the Stars is over. Thank God for that. I like that Kristi girl, to be honest. Dancing aside, she and Mark are pretty classy human beings behind the scenes. All Marissa's friends were completely demented in trying to make it fun for ourselves. Every time Cristian, in the long black dress-coat, did that wild pose at
the end of his tango, we screamed "VOLDEMORT!!!!" at the top of our lungs. It's a reference to one of the most watched things on YouTube, a puppet show of all the characters from Harry Potter doing a rap using only their names. It's been watched nearly 40 million times. Can you believe it?

Marissa took all her friends on a wild ride over the past 12 weeks and we are all so relieved to be off.

So on we go!
Up and at 'em.
Hope you are all enjoying Spring, wherever you are.


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