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Marissa is safe!!! Thank God for that. And thank YOU!!! We were really sweating. Not because we thought she should go but because life just isn't always fair.

When she was declared safe, we all spazzed out. I felt they would at least torture us by making us wait till the final two.

I tell you what, it is very sobering to be voted safe and then to have to watch your beloved co-contestants squirm. It is truly awful for everyone. Been there, done that.

I noticed a new cameraderie happening amongst the contestants this week. They have realised that they are slowly facing extinction. Each week is Russian roulette.

For the first time in weeks, Marissa came out for a bite at a restaurant afterwards. She has not had an easy time of it lately. She and Tony were working waaaay too hard and all the joy was getting squashed out of the experience. I thought Christian really exemplified the spirit of the show last night. He was exuberant. I
think we will see a whole new dance team in Marissa & Tony next week. This is as much about entertainment and relatability (is that even a word?) as precision in dance.

Also, these reality tv people have this format down to a science. Are we all just little sheep, voting along subliminal guidelines? I keep asking, "Who produces this show? Satan?!!"

BSG starts this week, I hear. I am still doing looping for it. Also, I did a chatroom Q&A for Sci-Fi when last in New York. That goes out Thursday.

In other bits of news, Adam Sandler broke his ankle and the schedule is being overhauled. I have been doing some crazy schtick for B-roll. My most insane act to date. I hope you will get to see it soon. Only my fans will know it's me. I am totally unrecognisable these days.

I also did a small role as Mother Superior, alongside the gorgeous, Renee O'Connor in BITCHSLAP, who is a naughty novice in the convent. She is confessing her dark fantasies to my character -- just as she does in real life. Ha-ha, not really. (Yes, really.)

BITCHSLAP is an epic exploitation movie written and produced by Herc/Xena producer, Eric Gruendemann and directed by Rick Jacobson, (one of my all-time fave directors on Xena).

It also stars Michael Hurst; stunt co-ordinator, Zoe Bell. Kevin Sorbo also makes an appearance. So it was a terrific reunion for us all. Renee and I were spectacular. Just don't blink.

On the other hand, it is a very pornographic, un-PC piece of madness and I absolutely FORBID you to see it.

That's it.

go back to work now.

quit lookin' at me



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