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 25 mars

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Hi, All!!

As I write this, I have no idea of the vote tonight, though I just know our girl came through. She had a wardrobe malfunction when her heel got caught up in all that pink fringe last night. You couldn't really see it on the tape, but they bunny-hopped their way out of trouble. I am so proud of her. Ahh, costuming -- you live and learn. I just wanted to thank all of you who voted and encouraged others to. Bless you always!

I missed the show last night and tonight because I have been working on Bedtime Stories, an Adam Sandler pic. I have to tell you, this guy is a wonderful producer and human being. He and his partners are incredibly generous of spirit and treat their crew reeeaally well. I haven't been on a set with this kind of levity since Xena. I had completely gone off acting last year, as many of you know, but this job has completely turned my head around. You are going to see me be a wicked, cheeky monkey. Guy Pearce plays my venal boyfriend sublimely. He actually helps anchor my insanity. Sandler pushes me over the edge. I have got to go scrape the goop off my face before the results show.

Love to love, ya, Babies!


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25 mars
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