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 3 mars

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Hey, there!
It has been an action-packed few weeks. Right after the Roxy, I succumbed to the flu that had been trying to get me before the show. It was a doozy, as many of you undoubtedly know. But in the midst of the fevers and the bellyachin', magic happened for Ma and me. She scored a place in the line-up for Dancing With the Stars, a longtime dream of hers. Personally, that'd be my worst nightmare but she is beside herself with joy. Now I am driving her onwards to success, telling her my best moves, etc. (Heh-heh!)

We have been working out like fiends and she is training several hours a day, EVERY DAY, with her partner, Tony. He's a bloody slave-driver, but secretly she probably thinks that's hot. Her body is curvy and cut. You gotta see it!

Her first night is the 18th of March and we have to propel her through the first few weeks till the rest of America realises what a damn Champion they have on their hands. I seriously believe that with us behind her, she is going to go all the way. Start flexing them dialling digits, kids!!

The same day Marissa finally got cast in Dancing with the Stars, I got an interesting call.

A woman came to my Roxy show, a friend of Ted Perlman, my guitarist. She came backstage afterwards and gushed that I must come down to her office and meet Adam Sandler. Terrific! Yeah, yeah, let's do that, I said, not really expecting anything from it. Well, the next week, I got a call to come down and meet Adam and his producing partner, Jack Giarraputo. I felt well enough to get off my deathbed. I had lost several pounds from 5 days of a high fever, and looked ungodly pale, which I knew was perfect for the role. Then I had to read for Disney, which I did, but realised I was waaay sicker than I thought and felt clammy and out of it all through the session with the casting director, Roger Mussenden. But I guess something was working for me coz I got the job in Bedtime Stories. (I really owe Roger for that one.)

I nearly did a back flip when I realised that my “boyfriend” was being played by Guy Pearce!!! Plus, I am being directed by the incredible Adam Shankman, who was the mastermind behind the new re-telling of Hairspray in film. I didn't want to like it, I put off going to see it for a week, but when even Marissa admitted it was genius, we went along and I was blown away. It was charming and had real weight in all the right places -- and I don't mean Travolta's arse! Plus, it makes you jive in your seat. Can you remember the last time a movie did that? If you haven't seen it yet, go out and get it. Do yourself a favour.

Between the two Adams, Guy and I there is fabulous chemistry and you are going to see me be naughtier than ever before! Keri Russell and Courtney Cox are starring as love-interest and sister to Sandler's everyday hero, Skeeter Bronson. And I get to be the young Cruella DeVille. No wonder Disney likes me!

In between playing Mama Rose to Marissa All-the-Way-with-Winokur, I am shooting and trying to get a new line-up for the London concert. “Bitch” is certainly in (coz, let's face it . . .)

. . . but I don't know what else yet. Some Patti Smith (G.L.O.R.I.A.). Those turkeys in Utah never sent me my chaps. I'm done with them.

So I'll hunt for new leathers and learn my lines, work on songs, rub salve on Marissa's nasty dancer's feet, and train for the life to come. It's all good.

Love, love, love,


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