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 30 octobre

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MessageSujet: 30 octobre   30 octobre Icon_minitimeMer 11 Aoû - 13:49

I am back to work on the spaceship, BSG, after a year away. I can't believe it's been that long. I finished there right before Celebrity Duets in Nov '06 and, boy, what an action packed transformative year it's been.

Michael Rymer, one of the Exec Producers and stellar directors, was remembering how he had advised me not to do it but now has become a supporter. He is a cool guy and one of my all-time favourite directors. He is one of BSG's most influential forces and has gone a long way to helping make it the break-out hit that it is. He is also the least recognised. There's a lot of credit to go round on a great show like that. I hope he gets all the good things coming to him that he deserves.

Chicago was the high point of my concert life thus far. The band was remarkable and with Joe Lo Duca, they really helped take me to places I could never have otherwise gone. I'm not sure what the shape of my second Roxy show will be next January, but it cannot help but be influenced by the Buddy Guy's experience. I actually got to meet the great man himself. He sat in on both shows and made me promise to come back and visit anytime. I certainly will.

What I loved about the musicians in Chicago is that playing seems to be more of a religion than a job. They play because they can't help it and even if they are not on a paying gig, what are they out doing? Jamming with their friends, that's what.

I was away in Vancouver when Curb Your Enthusiasm aired. There was some confusion about the air dates (perhaps you noticed), so I didn't hear about it till the day after. I got a heap of emails. I saw it some days later and was surprised how small my role had gotten. I thought it was all about ME, ME, ME!! I may be kidding myself, but despite the dearth of ME, it was a really terrific episode, maybe the best ever. So much was going on. Cheryl and the plane, Cheryl leaves Larry, the Blacks, the restaurant drama, Larry's long balls, Ted Danson. So much to see, so little time. And Larry was on fire that episode. I was okay but the episode was amazing!!

Most of all, I loved hanging with you all in Chicago. Together with the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, we raised $10,000 for United Way, which runs community outreach projects in underpriviledged Chicago. I am so proud of you all. Plus, my brother-in-law, Randy, who works at the hospital, tells me that there is a bank that will match us dollar for dollar. So hooray for everything. I think United Way were very pleasantly surprised.

I want to thank all the gang at Creation who made it all possible and to Chris, the photographer, for helping the photo ops all run so smoothly.

I'm tossing round names for the Roxy show. Write your suggestions down on the noticeboard.
Up and at 'em!

P.S. Also, I have finally had to relinquish two costumes to the Iyengar Institute as I promised so long ago. This means I will have to get new chaps made for the Roxy show. Also I gave them the pink go-go dress and the sparkly tooth-shaped necklace that I wore at the Roxy and the Canal room. The chaps are a bit groady, having been worn so much. They are sewn on to the jeans. No doubt there is DNA on them, which, frankly, is a minus in my book, but it's out of my hands. I'll let you know when they go up on ebay.


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