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 20 juillet

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Xenaline ♥
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Princess of the war
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I just got an interesting call to go to Florida to play with my old pal, Bruce-Old-Spice-Campbell on his new show, Burn Notice. It's getting great notices and plays on the USA cable channel.

I am playing a fragile woman who has lost her child to my maniac ex-husband. She enlists ex-spy, Michael, to track down her child. The outcome is, let us say . . . “mixed.”

It's really nice to get the chance to play women on the edge. I have played burnt-out, fragile women before. It is much harder than playing tough. I love it.

The downer is that I am going to miss The Simpsons premiere. Better late than never on a movie, eh? I love that shot in the trailer where Homer is dragging the pig across the ceiling. Hilarious. As for the series, I don't know how they have managed to keep the quality of writing at that level all these years. Groening and his team are geniuses.

I should get done with Burn Notice just in time to get myself to Comicon for the TV Guide Panel on Sunday morning. Should be fun. I am excited to meet the other women on the stage, especially Allison DuBois, who was the real-life inspiration for Medium. That will be fascinating.

Have you done anything scary lately? I hear the pay-off is awesome!
Lots o' love,

P.S. I have gotten word that the Iyengar Institute is losing its lease at their LA location and they are madly fundraising to get a new home. B.K.S. Iyengar is one of the greatest teachers of yoga living today (and some would say ever!). Iyengar yoga has been my salvation after years of poor posture and a fractured pelvis that I feel could not have been fully rehabilitated without Mr. Iyengar's teachings. I am going to put up a couple of my costumes for a silent auction. What do you think if I auction off my chaps and my silver space suit?

All proceeds will go to the Institute with gratitude. Watch this space.
Love & Peace,


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20 juillet
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