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Hi, all!

I have been in a long dark tunnel. I really allowed myself to get drowned by world politics, the war in Iraq and our head-in-the-sand attitude to the health of Mother Earth. I have to say your birthday card and the Celebrate Lucy Birthday list, with all the kindnesses you fans have laid out upon our table, was a turning point for me. I want to thank you all for your incredible generosity. You guys had me bawling at my computer! How's that for cheering me up? I even recognise some of the names and was so pleased to find that I have such incredible fans spread right across the world, from Brazil, to England, to Aussie. God bless each and every one of you. It really doesn't do any good carrying the weight of the world on you like so many wet mattresses. I loved that your compassion was accompanied by joy! I totally forgot "Spread More Joy!" Didn't I used to say that all the time? I totally forgot.

I am planning to spend 5 minutes at 1pm each day meditating on the planet as we desire it to be. You know, with plenty of clean water for all, pure foods responsibly consumed, ice-caps reformng, happy safe and loved children, reforestation, no-impact energy sources. Join me, anytime you can make it or choose five minutes at any convenient time of day. Every new reality starts with a shift in consciousness so let's make it a good one! I'm not going to accept the fear-mongerers (I call them the Negatives) into my life ever again. If someone/something is not life-affirming, then they don't get in.
Note to self: get Teflon Raincoat for the Negs.

I am gearing up to do three shows in NY at the end of the month. It is scary and wonderful and I am flying by the set of my pants again. Every time I do this, I think, “Dang, there's my big mouth getting me in trouble again!” I'm always on some high when I come up with the idea and then at some point reality bites and you have to "Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place,” to quote a really tough-ass woman, "Then we'll not fail." Okay, who was that?

Michael Orland from Idol is my Musical Director this time. He was supposed to do my last show but was booked that week in Atlanta. We are choosing songs. Some I will lose from the Roxy set, so get your orders in now if you want to vote on fave songs to keep. I am making sure that my act works well in the Canal Room. Every space has its own demands and constraints.

I am having a crazy catsuit made which makes me look like I am made out of liquid metal -- kind of like those guys in Terminator as they morph from one world to another.

Frankly, what I do is daft. But, boy, what you guys do with it is meaningful.

Thanks, Gang.
See you in the Big Apple!!


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