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 18 mars

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Stop me if you've heard this before but: "This is the funnest gig I've ever had!"

I know I said it with Xena, Battlestar, Duets, Curb Your Enthusiasm and the Roxy, but this Football Wives is my new, favorite thing! They have all been perfect working experiences in their own way and each has led to the next. I am just so thrilled to be working with this amazing director (Bryan Singer) and cast. I really dig working with Bryan, what a pleasure. I will be forever grateful to Marco Pennette for kicking my arse into gear. Thank God that ABC had the foresight to pick up on this sensational British series. We are all hoping to make good on its promise so that the network will see fit to take it to series. It's a big one. A show like this can't be cheap to produce so we really have to make it worth their while. I have been avoiding watching the original series until recently. I was afraid that I would not be able to make the character my own if I hooked into Zoe Lucker's brilliant portrayal of Tanya. In fact, after I got the job, I realised that the role was waaaay more complex than
it first appeared. I realised I didn't have all the building blocks within me to bring her to life, ie. I didn't truly understand what makes a woman like her tick. For god's sake, if you behaved like Tanya Austin in New Zealand, you'd be voted off the island in a second. I actually went and talked to a shrink about the kind of
personality that would allow behaviour of the most venal, avaricious kind. He was most helpful. She's starting to flesh out with a little help from my friends. Honest to God, I'll steal a good idea from anywhere.

Everybody on this show is bloody gorgeous! You should see the guy who's playing my husband, Eddie Cibrian. Holy cow. They've even managed to scrub me up. My fans will not recognise me. The glam squad has made me so darn swanky that I hardly recognise myself. Thanks, guys.

Had a rockin' scene with Ving Rhames yesterday. Could life get any better than this?

And really, the best thing about working on Footy Wives is the chance to work with Mark Ovitz, who will never see this, but

And I'm not just saying that.


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