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I never told you guys about Curb Your Enthusiasm!

I worked most of last week on it. That Larry David is something else! I'm kind of in love with him. I gave him one of those Xena Hallmark cards on the first day which said, "Welcome to the Lucy Lawless experience." He thought I was nuts. Now he knows it.

We had a lot of laughs. I had worked with Dave Mandel, Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer on Eurotrip after they saw me on Saturday Night Live. They have provided the perfect work environment. It is the closest I have ever come to the Xena set. It's a bunch of fun people doing what they love and answering to no one. Larry is the final arbiter and he was a joy to be around.

He likes to keep you on your toes. At one point my character is supposed to be pitching him an idea for a show and he was off set nutting out the scene. “What could this show be about?" he muttered. "Well, how about a singng and dancing show, coz, y'know, that's where I'm heading," I replied. "Oh, yeah, good," says Larry. So they roll tape and we enter the scene, "Hey, you know that singing and dancing idea? Lose it. It ain't funny."

A lot of actors are creeped out by improv, but I LOVE it. There's no telling what that guy is going to say next. So you have to be really listening, which is the basis for all acting, right?

Anyway, that was the perfect experience.

Then Rob and I flew to NYC to see the Evil Dead musical. It was fantastic and the cast so talented! It is about to close soon so get along and see it if you are nearby. It showed me once again how much talent there is to be found outside Hollywood. Amazing performers getting paid relatively little but doing stupendous work on and off Broadway. It's not that they don't get paid a lot, but the cost of living is so high in NY that $1000 a week doesn't get you far. NB. I have no idea what those actors are getting paid, I'm just using a figure off the top of my head. I remember all those hungry Grease actors eating my left-overs. I doubt things have improved much in that regard.

Also I am in a rigorous training schedule for Football Wives. Mama Rose has signed me up for ballet! Believe it or not, she has. And my calves are killing me! I am also working with a trainer. I can't believe it myself.

Funny that the week my youngest child gets accepted into school, this job moves into my life like a freight train.

Next week I am supposed to be doing “chemistry reads” to find the right guy to play my husband.

My colleagues so far are Gabrielle Union and newly cast Kellie Sanchez, who I hear are wonderful women so I'm looking forward to meeting them.

Onwards and Upwards!


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