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 19 Octobre

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Princess of the war
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Dear friends,

Well, it's been quite a week!

I'd like to start by thanking the vendors of my photographs who withdrew them for sale after inadvertently buying them from a bad source. Thank-you, chaps. I looked at them and realised that some of them are far from the best. I have much cooler ones to come. I am excited about them.

I am trying to arrange a show early next year in LA. It's taking shape. I'm thinking duelling blues songs and will announce my opponent as things develop. But it will be a rockin' evening when it happens. Honestly, I can see it and hear it. I get a knot of excitement in my stomach when I think about it. That only happens to me when something is as good as real. Will keep you posted.

On the personal front, we are supporting a dear friend in making the transition from this life into the next. I guess the main thing is for her to be comfortable, to feel heard, to feel that her wishes are respected and that she can voice her anger, fears, gratitude and love. I told her that it will just be a breath before we are all together again. I don't know why I even say these things, they just kind of fall out of me. But I reckon that's what it will seem like on the other side, barely a moment will pass and her doorbell will ring as we file in one by one looking for a party. She's just going ahead of us to prepare a room. I'd ask her to make up a bed, if I didn't think she'd tell me to go to hell.

We are trying to have as many laughs as we can fit in a day.
Be generous with your love, it all comes back.


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19 Octobre Xx11

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19 Octobre
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