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 1er octobre

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MessageSujet: 1er octobre   Mer 11 Aoû - 13:13

Guys, thanks for keeping me in the show till the end! It was such a blast. I am so happy that I got to choose the last song and do it my way (with a little help from my friends!).

Somebody said they felt they had let me down by not dialling quicker/with more phones. Imagine if you hadn't all gone out on such a limb for me! Would I have made it past the third round? Possibly not. Don't worry your pretty head about it! I feel so proud of myself and so grateful to you all. It's not often that I say I feel proud of myself. It has been a long time since I was engaged in anything that challenged me as much as this. Plus I got to be mentored by the best in the business. Every one of those singing stars and judges taught me something that none of the others could and at exactly the right time. They have helped evolve me as a performer. Talk about being on the fast track. I truly feel that the universe is unfolding just the way it should.

To whit: Alfonso sang like an angel. He is a wonderful man with a wonderful charity. He wanted it. He wanted it more than anything and now Fresh Start, his charity, is going to be able to help a dozen or more children with severe deformities get the corrective surgery that will enable them to rise above the poverty-stricken circumstances into which they were born. It is hard enough to grow up poor with normal features.

I am so proud of Alfonso and all of the contestants who had the brass to get on that stage in the first place. The Duets producers will likely struggle next time to find 8 contestants whose motives are so pure. Our gang recognised from the start what an honour it was to share the stage with these legends and wasn't calculating what the show might do for their careers. After all, the show was a complete unknown quantity. It could have been a big flop. So our desire to learn and enjoy the opportunity had to outweigh calculations of net-worth, so to speak.

Eleanor Roosevelt was right, definitely do something every day which scares you. Courage is certainly not the absence of fear. Before I got on stage last night to sing “Tell Mama,” I had a total panic attack. After the opening number, my throat was so dry in the cold air of that studio that I began to cough. In my anxiety I began to hack up phlegm until I gagged. Marissa was telling me to calm down and drink warm water. I knew it was a case of mind over matter. Between Hal's song and mine there was an ad-break and, mercifully, Smokey and Gladys sang a duet. That gave me time to imagine my vocal chords melting like honey, relax my throat and run through an old hymn that I loved as a kid which always calms me down. It's funny how singing the 14th psalm can enable me to go out and be bad-ass. What's up with that?

Thanks for the flowers, you crazy chicks! (You know who you are!)
Thanks for the signs, the RSI in your dialling fingers, thanks for being the greatest fans in the world!
Love always,


°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø Xenaline °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`º¤ø,

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1er octobre
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