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 25 septembre

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1. Has it been hard for you to relax?
Yes. The first two weeks were difficult because my family was away and though it gave me a lot of time to concentrate, there was no one at the end of the day to take care of. I had no one to think about but myself. In the end, I found it rather unpleasant. I took my Sharper Image back massager to work and have been thrilling my colleagues with it in the make-up room. We are all feeling more relaxed and loved these days.

2. When was it that you felt the most "yourself" while performing?
I felt the most “myself” with Smokey Robinson the first week. Perhaps this was because I could not “play a role” in his presence. He was just too much of a superstar in my mind for me to get to that place of I-don't-give-a-damn that stage singing requires.

3. When did you have the most fun?
The most fun was last week with Richard Marx singing “Should'a Known Better.” Richard was the first one who acted like I was his equal. The guy just doesn't have any baggage at all. He's from Chicago, which seems some kind of an explanation. Love those Midwest folks! I'm going to take that feeling with me everywhere. Thanks, man.

4. What would be your dream song to sing and with which female icon would you like to do a duet?
I'm doing it this week!

5. Has participating in Celebrity Duets affected your attitude toward singing professionally or any ambitions you might have had in that direction? Would you like to cut an album?
Dang, you know it kind of has. Would I give up acting for singing? Before this week, I would have said, “No way.” Now . . . ? I possibly would. I did produce a couple of songs with friends last year, but got so busy with acting, it kind of went by the wayside. Hmmmm. Will keep you posted.

6. What is the hardest thing you feel you do in your preparation and performing?
The hardest thing is conquering your panic. Wynonna said, "Just show up and wait for God to walk in the room." I swear that works! The panic is just your ego. It ain't you and it ain't God. You have to
treat your ego like a yapping, whiny little dog that your grandma
left you. I like to tell it that I'm just going out on stage for a little while and it can wait in the dressing room. It won't be forever, I'll be back for it in, let's say, 15 minutes. Every week I get better at what I'm doing. How could you not improve when you are being mentored by some of the best performers in the world?!

7. Do you have a specific genre you prefer singing, like country, blues or jazz?
Kind of shocked how much I like rock or rather how much rock seems to like me. Haven't been given the opportunity to sing country. Blues is coming up!

8. Similarities/differences between preparing for acting and preparing for singing?
In both cases you prepare as much as possible beforehand, then go out on the stage and forget all about it! I'm not kidding. You can't act if you are trying to hit certain notes that you penned in your script earlier. That's about as spontaneous as paint-by-numbers and will fail to move your audience. It seems to me that my performances are changing because I am willing to have less and less control over the output.

9. Of the three judges -- Marie, Little Richard and David -- which one has given you the most constructive criticism?
Marie is the most consistently constructive, though I have gleaned
some important little nuggets from both David and Little Richard. Sometimes the criticism is just petty, which works just as well. Sometimes I want to say, "Don't make me turn all Xena on you, Marie.” Even Little Richard, if indeed that is his real name, thought I would be voted off last week. Between you and me, there is a savage little animal that lives in my breast and no amount of music will soothe that. It's coming atcha little Richard!

10. What lessons will you take away from this experience?
This has been a great lesson in courage, to take your career in your
own hands, though others think they know what's best for you. I have never had so much fun in all my life. I feel so proud to still be
here after 5 weeks.

I am learning to get back to a time and place when singing was an expresssion of joy and freedom and not a nightmare. I have not felt this good about singing since I was playing Nellie Forbush in South Pacific at the age of 16. Since that time, any singing I have done has been more therapy than pleasure.

I have learned about the nature and depth of my fans and how much they love the Earth, themselves and me. I thank them for their undying support. Semper Fi.
Always Yours,
Lucy L


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