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 13 avril

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Princess of the war
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Hi, Everybody!

Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts over the last two months. My beloved Dad is finally on the mend. Yikes, what a ride. I have been watching The Sopranos go through the same thing only in three hours flat.

I am now in Vancouver where we just started shooting BSG. Everyone is fresh and excited. Daisy remarked that they all seem to LOVE their job. They certainly are deservedly proud of it. Peabody award, did you hear?

Thanks, everyone. Ummm, no I am not in Robert Rodriguez' movie. Zoe Bell is the star of Quentin's next movie and they are considering me to play one of her buddies, which of course would be way too much freakin' fun. Zoe took me out for my birthday in Auckland with all the stunties and we had such a wonderful time, I can't tell you. If they did want me for the role, it would be up to BSG whether they could let me go. I do have a couple of eps off so it could conceivably happen. But heck, it's in the lap of the gods.

i also went to Vegas for the Maxim event. The biggest surprrise pairing was Rob and I with Anne Heche and her husband Coley Laffoon. They are my new favourite people ever! (Don't tell Eric and Marissa!) They are so funny, and brave and charming and open. They told us the story of their love affair, we told them ours. We ate phenomenal food at Barlotta in the Wynn hotel and danced like fiends at the Maxim party. It was the first time in 7 years that we went on holiday without the kids. It was just what the doctor ordered. And you know I needed a doctor after that cussing spectacle in NZ on the Holmes show. I think the pressure of pretending in public that everything was just dandy, when it was horrendous, got to me. I went a bit doo-lally (nuts). I became totally dis-inhibited. You guys know that I've never pretended I didn't swear like a sailor, but I usually manage to keep it under wraps a bit better than that. I actually had no recollection that I said, "there's nothing to do but f**k" three times. THREE TIMES! It was supposed to be a joke about the fact that Kalgoorlie had two derelict drive-in cinemas and thirty brothels, but my sick father was not impressed, I can tell you.

On one hand, I think it is good to see how people really are instead of a carefully manicured image. But, I think it's not kind to subject people to foul language, when they haven't signed up for it.

C'est la bleeding vie!
Or should I say, -- C'est la Guerre!


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13 avril
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