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 24 février

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Okay, that is totally embarrassing! I called it Good Housekeeping party, when it was Ladies Home Journal footing the bill. No wonder the editor kept looking at me blankly when I was thanking Good
Housekeeping for all their support of “Unexpected Dreams” (Eric's album). She must have thought I was really, really ballsy or a complete dingaling. In any case, I knew it was a title which had nothing whatever to do with my lifestyle of complete domestic avoidance. Sheesh, let's just face it: -D-I-N-G-A-L-I-N-G!!

I never can manage to schmooze effectively. I never get educated before a screen test, so I can act like a director's biggest fan. My friend, Marissa, is an evil genius and knows everything about everyone, their filmography, ratings, pay-packet, but I am just a dingaling. I try to tell myself it's my Grace not to be a kiss-ass, but maybe . . . ah who gives a shit, this conversation just got old. I bored myself. Why should I do it to you?

I am thrilled to have been painted by the great, Dave Mack. We knocked around a few ideas and came up with the idea of a totem pole of my family, which is en route to me as we speak. He also did a few studies of me just for the hell of it. I told him all I really wanted to be was a cowboy and he made me look like a total Fox!! . . . in a Brokeback Mountain sort of way. I thought Dave had to be about 50 because of his reputation. I guess I had it in my head these comic strip geniuses were all grey-bearded dudes with ponytails and roll-yer-own fags dangling from their mouths. (Not a Brokeback Mountain pun. Shame on you!) Turns out he was born in 1972 is a yoga-loving Fox in his own right. Check out the website about him It even has photos of him in Aotea Square, Auckland.

Umm, what else? It's Mardi Gras time so spare a thought for all our friends in New Orleans who, Fat Tuesday or not, don't have homes yet. They wanted me to go to New Orleans to help draw attention to the continuing plight of its inhabitants and emergency services personnel, but we have been having a family emergency of our own. As it turns out, the health scare has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the relative in question. It revealed a much bigger problem that, left unchecked, would have been fatal.

As a schlebrity, you get asked to help out a lot, and it is a duty and pleasure to do so. But sometimes your ego gets away on you and you think your job is to “save” people by just showing up to something. You think you should help everyone, everywhere as much as you can, but sometimes you just have to save yourself.

All the same, New Orleans is still a chronic mess and Washington and FEMA need to DO THE RIGHT THING. Say, why not pull out of Iraq and spend that money at home? If we all drove vege-oil cars, we wouldn't need Iraq's fossil fuel, you wankers. And the corn- growing States would be psyched.

That's dingaling philosophy today.


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